Help! Bad Skin Condition. Do you want a solution?

Bad skin condition. Is this you?

Hey, a lot of people have bad skin condition” and I know one of our panel doctors can help. He is Dr Nathan Newman (see him explain stem cell here).

bad skin condition 1
Dr Nathan Newman

Dr. Nathan Newman explains how adult stem cells are revolutionizing medicine and how they’re already being used in treatment of bad skin condition,  cosmetic and reconstructive to rejuvenate damaged tissues and improve skin condition and quality.

Dr Newman emerges from a family of internationally prominent physicians, Dr. Nathan Newman, M.D. is carrying on an important legacy. He is a world-renowned cosmetic surgeon with a fully-accredited and respected cosmetic surgery practice in Beverly Hills, California.

His passion, expertise, and education are what qualify him to be a medical spokesman and advisor for Jeunesse Global, an American based wellness direct sales company.

Stem Cell can help Serious Skin Problems

Dr. Newman is dedicated to providing the best available care as well as educating his patients on the latest developments in the cosmetic surgery field especially serious skin problems. Using this same approach, he assists our independent distributors to be successful in building their businesses. He does this by giving the highest quality education and most up-to-date information to our independent distributors. These critical, valuable services have helped bring global recognition to Jeunesse for being the fastest growing, life-changing opportunity in today’s market.

With this article explained, I hope never to hear “I have bad skin condition” ever again.

bad skin condition 2
Serious skin condition and after using Dr Nathan’s serum

Dr. Newman is constantly striving to develop new and superior methods of achieving natural, undetectable cosmetic results with the least risk and most benefit for each individual. He is an original thinker and innovator, and is ushering in the future of cosmetic surgery. Using the normal, regenerative abilities of your own stem cell-rich fat, Dr. Newman has found a way to safely and naturally amplify, lift, and re-define the contours of your entire face and body.

bad skin condition 3
Disruptive technology to repair cells at cellular level, others are superficial

Angiogenesis Link to Cancerous Tumor Cells

Cancerous Tumor Cells is a Death Sentence to most people!

Yes, that word is very scary and we all ask how and why we get afflicted with cancer. The very fact is, as mentioned above, we already have them. Cancer blood test may ascertain this with cancer markers.

To explain cancer in simple layman terms, our body already has cancerous tumor cells from the day we were born.

Such cells grow in the vascular network of our blood system and since the proliferation, the metastatic spread of cancerous cells rely on the supply of oxygen, nutrients and the waste products removal system. So the growth of such cells are fed by oxygen, the kind of food we eat and if our toilet habits are not regular, they too add to the growth of cancer cells.

cancerous tumor cells caused by angiogenesis
When Angiogenesis goes out of balance

Now what is angiogenesis? It is new blood that forms through the processes. And lymph angiogenesis that processes from lymphatic vessels. An out-of-balance of angiogenesis can result is a lot of life-threatening diseases especially cancerous tutor cells, shown above. So it is imperative to ensure you get enough daily dosage of resveratrol.

For a talk titled “Can We Eat To Starve Cancer?” by Dr William Li at a TED-Ed event where he postulates preventing the growth of blood vessels that feed tumors, basically starving them. The best and as a first defense, eat cancer killing foods like resveratrol (compound found in red wine, grapes are considered a cancer killing fruit) that cut off the supply lines so growth of cancer cells is controlled.

The bad news is one must drink a 1,000 bottles of red wine to get the required amounts of resveratrol. Fret not, there is a product known as RESERVE sold by Jeunesse Global, USA.

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